Saturday, August 6, 2011

Taste and See

There are two things that pierce the heart: pain and beauty.  When the heat is pierced, God can speak.  We've all had those experiences, even if we have to think back to childhood, when beauty has filled us will a sense of awe.  I believe those moments are God's invitation to us.  Calling us "farther up and further in".  

My goal in art is not so much to create that beauty, as to interact with it.  It's not this painting of trees that is beautiful, but the trees themselves.  I painted it because I wanted to respond to, and participate in that beauty.  I wanted to immerse myself in it; to prolong my experience with it.  Of course, even the trees themselves point above and beyond themselves.

I go to morning prayers.  At the end they sing "No one goes hungry at the table of God.  Taste, o taste and see.  No one goes hungry at His table of life.  Taste, o taste and see."